Collection: Annick Goutal

This collection is dedicated to true enthusiasts of high quality perfumery.

The Annick Goutal perfume house was founded in 1981 by the famous French pianist and composer Annick Goutal. Since then, the company has created some of the most elegant and sophisticated perfumes in the world, using only the finest natural ingredients.

The collection presented here is a wide selection of unique and unmistakable fragrances, suitable for every occasion and personality. Annick Goutal's perfumes are famous for their complexity and their ability to evoke different emotions and sensations.

From the classic fragrance of Petite Chérie, to the freshness of Eau d'Hadrien, to the sweetness of Rose Pompon, each Annick Goutal perfume is a perfumed work of art that evolves on the skin over time.

Choose your favorite and treat yourself to a unique olfactory experience with the Annick Goutal perfume collection on!